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Welcome To the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters benefit funds

Our continuing mission is to provide you with comprehensive, quality health and retirement benefits. This remains our commitment to you. Your Future Our Focus

The Board of Trustees is pleased to announce the following Welfare Fund enhancements to help participants during this time:

Extension of active plan eligibility for the quarter September 1 – November 30, 2020
For those individuals who have significantly reduced hours (or no work hours) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Committee approved one additional quarter of eligibility. The following restrictions apply:

  • Extended to participants whose last hours credited were from a contributing employer (thus, excludes those receiving hours through disability credits)
  • Excludes retirees in pay status as of September 1, 2020
  • Excludes individuals under a collective bargaining agreement or participation agreement which provides month-to-month coverage
  • Excludes superintendents whose employer moved health coverage to company plan
  • Excludes employees of the Fund Office or Regional Council whose employment ended in 2019
  • Excludes deceased participants.
The 4-quarter look back rules are separate from the extension of coverage rules. In other words, to qualify for the June 1 and the September 1 eligibility extensions, you must have been eligible for the March 1, 2020 quarter based on employer contributions. If you regained coverage for the June 1, 2020 quarter due to the reduction in the 4-quarter lookback, this does not qualify you for an extension of coverage for September 1. The 4-quarter hours look-back for eligibility remains reduced at 750 for active members and 500 for apprentices.

Extension of 25% reduction in continuation of coverage premiums
  • COBRA and Low Cost Plan premiums are reduced by 25% through March 31, 2021
Learn more about the extension of certain deadlines during the pandemic, COBRA elections/payment and appeal filings, by reviewing our notice.

Missed the John Hancock Webinar held on October 17th? The recording is now available to view!

Click Here to view the recording of the John Hancock webinar which focuses helping you understand the basics of the Supplemental Retirement Plan; providing a general overview of investment strategies; and providing a web demo of mylifenow, John Hancock’s website. Materials are also available for you to print or download:
CRCC John Hancock Webinar (presentation slides)
Webinar Handouts

Missed our Pre-Retirement Webinar held on September 12th? The recording is now available to view!

Click Here to view the recording of our last pre-retirement webinar which focuses on pension options and retiree health benefits. Materials are also available for you to print or download:
CRCC Pre-Retirement Webinar (presentation slides)
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Limited Office Access: The Fund Office will not be hosting in-person meetings for members here at our office. As always, help with applications is available via telephone; please call (312) 787-9455, to schedule a phone appointment. During this period of precautions, we will now accept scanned copies or photos of documents necessary to complete your benefit applications and to provide coverage to new dependents (marriage licenses, birth certificates, driver’s license, etc.). Once completed, applications should be sent via First Class mail

We hope you and your loved ones stay healthy.

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