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Welcome To the Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters benefit funds

Our continuing mission is to provide you with comprehensive, quality health and retirement benefits. This remains our commitment to you. Your Future Our Focus

Introducing Your NEW Health Reimbursement Arrangement!

Pay Less Out-of-Pocket for Your Health Care Needs

The Board of Trustees is establishing a new Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA), which is a tax-advantaged account, which reimburses you for out-of-pocket costs you pay for eligible health care expenses. The HRA—administered by ConnectYourCare (CYC) — provides you with money to pay for a wide range of your and your dependents’ eligible health care expenses, both now and in the future. Click here to get the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Starting January 1, 2019, the Welfare Fund will make monthly contributions to an HRA account for hours you work in covered employment as long as those hours are paid for by your employer.

An HRA account will be automatically set up for you when funds are first available, however in order to access your account you must be a Member in Good Standing with your local union (your dues paid – not in arrears). Check out our new brochure which fully explains this benefit. Click here!

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