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Do I get to Choose How My Accounts Are Invested?
Yes. The Plan allows you to be responsible for investment decisions relating to your account, by choosing from a variety of investment funds. You may select investments with appropriate risk and return characteristics that meet your comfort level. You may choose how to invest your existing account balances and future contributions. You may also transfer investments from one fund to another.

This Plan is intended to comply with section 404(c) of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as amended (“ERISA”), which permits a participant to exercise control over the investment of his or her account. Because participants exercise control over their investments, ERISA section 404(c) provides that other Plan fiduciaries may be relieved of liability for any losses which are the direct and necessary result of investment directions provided.

What Investment Funds Are Available in the Supplemental Retirement Plan?
You may invest your accounts in one or more of the investment funds available under the Supplemental Retirement Plan.

John Hancock will provide you with information on each investment fund available under the Plan. You may call John Hancock at 855-312-CRCC (855-312-2722) to request this information or you may view it by logging on to

The Trustees may add or reduce the number of investment funds, or add or delete any investment fund at any time if they determine (based on the advice of their investment professionals) that the change is in the best interests of Plan participants. The Plan will notify you when investment options change.

The Plan offers a range of investment options that allows you to invest your account based on your lifestyle, personal circumstances and financial goals. You can choose from a variety of mutual or other similar funds, which invest in both stocks and bonds:
  • stocks (generally) offer the potential to build wealth; and
  • bonds (generally) offer the potential for greater stability.
Mutual funds or other similar commingled funds offer a convenient way to invest in stocks and bonds by pooling your money with that of other investors into a single, professionally managed portfolio. The names of the investment funds will be provided to you from time to time.
What Happens If I Don’t Choose Investment Funds?
John Hancock will automatically invest any portion of your account you fail to direct to a Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA). The Plan’s QDIA is a mutual fund with a specific retirement target date. The QDIA that your investment may be put into if you make no investment selections is based on your current age and your projected retirement at age 65. QDIA funds meet certain guidelines set out by the Department of Labor and are subject to the ERISA section 404(c) relief described above. 
Can I Change My Investment Mix or Reallocate Current Investments in My Account?
Yes. Subject to certain restrictions, you can make changes to your investment mix and/or transfer amounts into different investment funds as often as you see fit.

You can change your investment fund selection daily, although that is generally not recommended.. Online access is 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You must have your user name and your PIN/Password available in order to make changes to your account.

Some investments impose limits on the frequency of investment transactions to prevent abusive trading practices and in some cases may impose a redemption fee. Consult the prospectus or other investment summary to determine if there are any trading restrictions.

Where Can I Go for More Information on Making Investment Choices?
You have access to current detailed information about each investment fund (called a prospectus or offering statement). You can access this information online at or contact John Hancock toll-free at 855-312-CRCC (855-312-2722) to receive a paper copy in the mail. Please note that all investment funds present risks. You should read this information carefully and consult your financial advisor before making investment decisions.
What Information Do I Need to Access My Account?
  • For online access, go to and enter your user name and personal identification number (PIN)/password. When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to create a user name and provide your Social Security number and date of birth in order to create a PIN/password.
  • For phone access, call 855-312-CRCC (855-312-2722) and enter your user name and PIN/password. As with online access, when you call the first time, you will be asked to create a user name and provide your Social Security number and date of birth in order to create a PIN/password. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (CT).  
  • Spanish Speaking Assistance:  Para informacion en espanol, llame al 888-440-0022.



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