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Good News! The Supplemental Retirement Plan has transitioned to a new record keeper, John Hancock Retirement Planning Services. Distribution applications must be requested directly from John Hancock. Visit or call 855-312-CRCC (2722) to request an application. Para informacion en espanol, llame al 888-440-0022.

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Appeal Form

Use this form to appeal a denial of benefits from the Supplemental Retirement Fund.

Beneficiary Designation Form

This form may be used to designate beneficiaries who would receive benefits from the Pension Plan in the event of your death.  It is recommended, although not legally required, that all vested Participants complete a Beneficiary Designation form that can be retained in the Pension Fund Office.

Formulario para Designar Beneficiarios

Este formulario se puede usar para designar sus beneficiarios quienes recibirían sus beneficios del Plan de Retiro Suplemental en dado caso de que usted fallezca antes de recibir su distribución. Es recomendado, pero no es legalmente necesario, que todos los participantes con intereses creados llenen el Formulario para Designar Beneficiarios; que se puede retener en la Oficina del Fondo de Pensión.

Hardship Withdrawal – Required Documents

This is a reference that outlines the supporting documentation required when applying for a hardship withdrawal.

Distribucion por Dificultades Finacieras-Documentacion necesaria

Esto es referencia que describe la documentacion necesaria al aplicar por dificultades financieras graves.

Plan Investments – Change Notice Effective 4-1-2016

This announcement contains important information about changes and additions to the investment options available in the Supplemental Retirement Plan.

Plan Investments – Change Notice Effective 6-24-2016

This announcement contains important information about changes to the share classes of the qualified default investment alternative funds for the Supplemental Retirement Plan.

QDRO – Divorce Packet Request Form

Use this form to request personalized information about your pension in relation to divorce proceedings.

QDRO – Model – Supplemental Retirement Plan

This form can be used as a guideline in drafting a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to assign a portion of your account to an Alternate Payee.

QDRO – Procedures – Supplemental Retirement Plan

This document outlines the Supplemental Retirement Plan’s procedures for handling Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.

Special Tax Notice

This is a reference that outlines the tax consequences of distributions from the Supplemental Retirement Plan.

Supplemental Retirement Plan - Brochure – October 2015

This brochure provides an overview of the Supplemental Retirement Plan. It’s helpful to understand what your options are now and the impact the Plan can have on your financial future when you retire.

Supplemental Retirement Plan - John Hancock Investment Selection-Enrollment Kit - December 1, 2016

This kit provides information on how to manage your account (on-line, through the mobile application, or by phone) and on understanding your investment options. Also included are a beneficiary form, the Plan’s Qualified Default Investment Alternative Notice, and investment fact sheets for each of the available investment options.

Supplemental Retirement Plan - Morningstar® Retirement Manager SM Brochure - October 2015

As a participant in the Supplemental Retirement Fund, you have the option of obtaining free, personalized investment advice on-line through Morningstar® Retirement ManagerSM. To access Morningstar®, log into John Hancock’s Website, My Life Now™ at, click on the My Retirement tab at the bottom of the webpage, then click on the Tools & Service dropdown menu, select Retirement Advice Services option, and then click on the Morningstar® Power Up Your Retirement Plan! banner. This brochure takes you step by step through the Morningstar® program.

Supplemental Retirement Plan – Plan Document
Supplemental Retirement Plan – Summary Plan Description
Plan de Beneficios del Fondo de Jubilación Supplementario - Descripción Resumida del Plan

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